A New Era in Compliance & Ethics…

The Compliance & Ethics Forum for Life Insurers ("CEFLI") is the new, premier source of compliance & ethics knowledge and information for life insurers. If you are a compliance & ethics professional in the life insurance industry, CEFLI is your connection to valuable insights, tools, professional networks and other vital resources. Membership includes access to an entire portfolio of customized compliance & ethics services calibrated to life insurers' needs.

Annual Conference

CEFLI's Inaugural Annual Conference - A Resounding Success!

CEFLI held its inaugural 2015 Annual Conference at the Swan Resort at Walt Disney World in Orlando, 

Florida on September 16-18.  Based on the contributions of an outstanding faculty of life insurance industry thought leaders and the feedback received from Conference attendees, the meeting was a resounding success!

The Conference faculty was comprised of 54 subject matter experts from life insurance companies and CEFLI Affiliate Member organizations who reviewed over 20 discrete subject matters related to the...

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Regional Forums

Midwestern Compliance Professionals “Connect” at CEFLI Midwestern Regional Compliance Forum

In 2015, CEFLI introduced Regional Compliance Forums at selected locations across the United States to bring together CEFLI member company compliance professionals to offer networking opportunities and to share insights concerning current compliance challenges.  Each Regional Compliance Forum also offers an opportunity for members of CEFLI's Compliance & Ethics Committee to meet one another in an informal as the monthly meeting of the Compliance & Ethics Committee will take place in conjunction with each...

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CCO Workshop

CEFLI Workshop Educates the Generation of Compliance Leaders

CEFLI continued its leadership role in education and training in the life insurance industry by offering its CCO Compliance Leadership Forum Workshop which was held in conjunction with the CEFLI Annual Conference at the Swan Resort at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida on September 16. 

By offering this unique Workshop annually, CEFLI attracts the next generation of compliance leaders in the life insurance industry who engage in a candid analysis of the benefits and challenges associated with serving as a Chief...

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