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The Compliance & Ethics Forum for Life Insurers ("CEFLI") is the new, premier source of compliance & ethics knowledge and information for life insurers. If you are a compliance & ethics professional in the life insurance industry, CEFLI is your connection to valuable insights, tools, professional networks and other vital resources. Membership includes access to an entire portfolio of customized compliance & ethics services calibrated to life insurers' needs.


Panelists discuss various strategies for integrating ethics into a compliance+ approach.

CEFLI highlighted the “E” in its name with an educational webinar devoted to Ethics on April 26th.  Faculty members Kathleen Edmond, Partner at the law firm of Robins, Kaplan, and Keturah Pestel, Code of Conduct Program Manager at Thrivent Financial, went beyond the elements of an effective compliance program to encourage participants’ attention on ways to maximize the value of their organization’s ethics program.

Noting the risks of a singular focus on regulatory compliance, Ms. Edmonds advocated a more proactive strategy of engaging employees through question asking and dialogue to embed ethical decision making skills throughout the organization.

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Summit Meeting

CEFLI DOL Fiduciary Rule Summit Meeting Convenes Industry Experts to Explore Company Strategy Choices

The recent release of the US Department of Labor's Fiduciary Rule represents one of the potentially most significant challenges facing the life insurance industry over the past several years.  The Rule's many elements and their impact upon current life insurance company operations has prompted companies to explore a variety of different strategies to address these issues.

The CEFLI DOL Fiduciary Rule Summit Meeting took place at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, DC on May 10-11 brought together an outstanding faculty of industry experts to provide background on the key elements of the Rule while also exploring the range of strategic options that companies may be considering to comply with its requirements.

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Benchmarking Survey

CEFLI To Release 2016 Annuity Suitability Benchmarking Survey.

CEFLI is pleased to announce it will soon release its 2016 Annuity Suitability Benchmarking Survey to gather feedback from life insurance industry compliance and ethics professionals concerning their company's annuity suitability practices.  The Survey will examine a broad range of elements associated with annuity suitability programs including the organizational structure of annuity suitability operations and practices associated with suitability review and third-party supervision. 
The 2016 CEFLI Annuity Suitability Benchmarking Survey will be open for response by all life insurance industry compliance and ethics professionals.  Any individual responding to the Survey from a non-CEFLI member company will be eligible to receive an Executive Summary of the...

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