2018 CEFLI Annual Conference and CCO Leadership Forum

September 10, 2018 - September 12, 2018

The CEFLI Annual Conference and Compliance Leadership Forum will begin on the morning of Monday, September 10 with CEFLI’s Compliance Leadership Forum.  The Compliance Leadership Forum is a unique workshop that allows individuals who may aspire to leadership positions in the life insurance industry here insights from current and former compliance leaders who will examine the skills that may be necessary to serve as a leader in the compliance and ethics profession in the life insurance industry.

The Compliance Leadership Forum

The Compliance Leadership Forum will begin with a session to explore the Essential Elements of being a compliance and ethics leader in life insurance industry.  This session will be followed by a discussion of the seminal Foundations of Compliance and strategies perspective compliance leaders may wish to pursue to Promote an Ethical Culture at their companies.

The Compliance Leadership Forum will also include a session to offer perspectives from current and former Chief Compliance Officers on why compliance and ethics professionals may wish to aspire to a leadership role in compliance – – and, perhaps, why they may not.

The Compliance Leadership Forum will conclude with a presentation to discuss the Essential Leadership Attributes that are necessary to serve a leadership role in compliance and ethics in the life insurance industry.

This interactive workshop will provide an excellent opportunity to allow the next generation of compliance and ethics leaders in the life insurance industry to learn more about the portfolio of skills that may be necessary to enhance their eligibility to serve in a leadership capacity.

Attendees must register to participate in the Forum.

CEFLI Annual Conference

The CEFLI Annual Conference will begin on Monday afternoon, September 11 and will conclude midday on Wednesday, September 12.

The Conference will explore several contemporary challenges facing life insurance company compliance and ethics professionals today including:

  • The Transformation of Compliance - How will the professional evolve over the years ahead and what skills be necessary to be an effective leader?
  • Market Conduct Examination Practices - What are the challenges associated with making the market conduct examination process more effective and efficient?
  • Biometrics - New laws and regulations pertaining to the collection of biometric personal information may impact company strategies to enhance the customer experience.
  • Assessing Corporate Cultural Risk - What practices do companies pursue to gauge their overall ethical and cultural climate?
  • The Future of Sales Standards - How will the introduction of new sales standards affect current practices in the future?
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy - With heightened concern regarding the protection of consumer information, what types of regulations will life insurance companies have to consider in their compliance strategies?
  • Communication and Negotiation Skills - How do compliance and ethics professionals work effectively with their business partners to achieve organizational goals?
  • Antifraud and “Account Takeover” Developments - What types of new frauds are being perpetrated upon life insurance industry and what is the current status of recent “account takeover” activities?
  • Senior Management and Board Reporting - Why it is helpful to determine appropriate expectations on the part of senior management and others when reporting the results of compliance activities?
  • Recent Enforcement Actions - What are the compliance implications of recent regulatory enforcement actions?
  • Third Party Vendor Management -  What are the current practices life insurance companies are pursuing to maintain appropriate due diligence and oversight of third-party relationships?
  • Ethical Issues Regarding Company Use of Big Data - What are the concerns that may exist with regard to the use of “big data” by life insurers and what may be the compliance implications of these developments?
  • Facial Analytics -  New technologies pertaining to facial analytics may transform the way in which life insurance policies are underwritten in the future.
  • The Future of the Life Insurance Industry - the Annual Conference will conclude with a session to explore the Future of the Life Insurance Industry so compliance and ethics professionals can be prepared for what lies ahead.

Information concerning how to register and secure a hotel room to participate in the 2018 CEFLI Compliance Leadership Forum and Annual Conference is available via CEFLI’s website.

Final Agenda 2018 CEFLI Annual Conference - Compliance Leadership Forum

2018_CEFLI_Future Look at the Life Insurance Industry

2018_CEFLI_The Future of Sales Standards Applicable to Life Insurance Company Products


2018_CEFLI_2 CEFLI Biometrics

2018_CEFLI Compliance Ethics Benchmarking Survey-Full Report FINAL

2018_CEFLI Assessing Corporate Cultural Risk

2018_CEFLI_CS 2 Antifraud and Account Takeover Developments

2018_CEFLI_CS 7 Reporting Compliance Outcomes

2018_CEFLI_CS 8 Third Party Vendor Management From Engagement to Oversight

2018_CEFLI_Financial Exploitation of the Elderly - 2018 CEFLI Annual Conference

We hope you will be able to join us!